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About Childcare

We know how important it is to find childcare you really trust and a school that exceeds your expectations…We offer 24 hour Childcare /6  days a week for your convenience.  That’s why we’re here!  We provide an early childhood program for children from 6 weeks to two’s. We have a strong academic program for our preschool children from ages 3 through 5.
We provide an afterschool program through age 12.
We accept Cash, Checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Money Orders. You may also pay your tuition by usine PayPal
Children can enjoy a home-cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner onsite.
We provide transportation to and from CFISD and LISD elementary schools in the Carrollton area.
Drop-Ins are Welcome.
We provide 24 hour child care 6 days a week, closed 9 days per year: 
Baileys Academy
1410 MacArthur Dr, Carrollton, Texas 75007
Phone: 972-466-2220     Fax: 972-466-2229

Our Programs

6 Weeks - 2 Year Old 

The focus of our infant curriculum is to be age-appropriate and to stimulate learning. We recognize that rhythm and repetition is vital to children of this age to enhance their learning. We provide toys and material which are easy to manipulate and enjoyable for your child.
​Our toddler classrooms are arranged in learning centers. Each center is designed to be fun and to enhance small and large motor skills, cognitive skills, and social/emotion development. Our curriculum includes songs, books, stories, finger-plays and many other activities in fun and age-appropriate ways to encourage pre-literacy skills. We encourage eye-hand coordination, ability to follow directions, development of vocabulary.

2-Year Old Preschool Class

Preschool is such an exciting time of learning and growing. The children explode with new skills and abilities. Each of our classrooms contains centers which include a dramatic play area, library, manipulatives, arts and crafts, blocks and transportation, and a separate circle time area. We have multiple classrooms for each age group which allows us to keep each child in a classroom with students whose birthdays are typically no more than 3 months apart. This is very important for preschool children as 9-12 months can mean a great deal in the development of a young child.

3- 5 Year Old Preschool Class

Our three year old curriculum emphasizes the development of our children’s observation skills, decision making skills, developing problem solving along with reasoning abilities. We provide thematically based songs, stories, finger plays and nursery rhymes. Our program is designed to enhance large muscle development.
Our private pre-kindergarten curriculum provides a strong foundation for all our children’s years in school. We provide them opportunities for learning in a calm, pleasant and stimulating environment. Our teachers provide one-on-one assistance to any student as needed.  We currently use a combination of the Learning Box and the local ISD's curriculum’s which are designed to provide children with an excellent knowledge base prior to entering Kindergarten.

Our After school programs are a safe environment where children can spend time with their friends before and after their school day. We provide transportation to school from our center in the morning and pick up the children from school in the afternoon. Our programs provide a large variety of activities each day. We provide opportunities for homework and assist with it if necessary. Parents can rest comfortably during school breaks that their child is safe and having a good time.

 Our staff

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    Assistant Director
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    Infant TEACHER
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